We Are Cloudteam

The Cloud-Spend undertakers

We are a leading Finops operation, offering a unique and truly end-to-end model that visualizes, analyzes, and optimizes cloud costs while delivering significant savings quickly and at scale, putting an end to the growing problem of cloud waste and allowing you to focus on growth. 

What sets us apart?

Most solutions for cloud spend offer either passive alerts & dashboards or an isolated answer to specific niche issue, akin to plugging one hole in a strainer with 700 holes.

Cloud Team is the only company offering a truly holistic, active solution that not only saves you money but does it for you, expertly, and with zero friction or interruption to your day to day.

Our holistic approach to Cloud waste control

Cloud Team seeks to cover all the holes in the strainer AND act systematically, using our technology to plug them. Our hands-on methodology requires minimal intervention and results in a real long term significant savings for some of the leading companies in the industry.

In less than 4 years in business, We’ve already saved our clients over 40 Million Dollars