Time to Control
Your cloud costs

Cloud Team maps, analyzes and puts an end to your redundant cloud spend, delivering significant savings quickly and at scale, so you can go about the business of growing your business.

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~30% increase to your bottom line

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Over $10 million saved 

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Over $180 million optimized cloud spend

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More than 5 times rapid  ROI

Some of the brands that save with Cloud Team

Holistic cloud-spend control

Cloud Team delivers an advanced end to end visualization and automation solution, covering your entire cloud operation, saving, optimizing and giving you the peace of mind of complete cloud control.

Flexible & risk free

In an ever evolving, ever changing business environment, we offer the freedom and and flexibility of zero-risk, no-commitment plans. Try us for 30 days and see how much you can save.


A team you can trust

Your focus should be on your business, not on the cloud. We provide a team of FinOps analysts, cloud architects, and automation specialists to handle everything for you.


Ongoing measurable results

Cloud Team delivers measurable results, quickly and at scale, actively saving you money and optimizing your cloud spend with minimal to no disruption to your day to day operation.


Roei Polnikviat


The Problem Solver

Here to find the best deal at the perfect time, and make sure it works perfectly for you. 

Sam Babad


‘Yes He Can’ 

In depth understanding of the cloud environments, and  how to optimize them to their full potential.

Erez Dayagi


Dr. Delivery

Turning complex into simple, problems into solutions and potential friction into smooth processes.

David Ben-Tolila


The Forward Thinker

Helping us become all that we can be, while trying to make the world a better place.