Are you using cloud services daily?

You're probably losing money!

Save up to 35% of your monthly cloud costs with our leading FinOps methodology


Smart cloud cost optimization

Cloud Team cost optimization solution allows your team to use maximum cloud services with minimum spendings! Our methodology changes the way companies approach their cloud costs, by combining Finops Analysts, cloud architects, and a leading automation platform that gives companies the ultimate advantage.

We’ll customize the best solution for you today, using our Cloud Team software or adjusting the service to the software you already use – Whichever works best for you! 

Our Clients

Cloud Team

We’re a team of experts who’ve come together to create the ultimate tool in the FinOps scenery. We found reducing cloud spending for companies to be a game-changer.

Why? Because we know the feeling of losing control over the expenditure on services for the daily management of our company. We’ve come a long way in the FinOps field, and we bring our vast range of knowledge and expertise to maximize our clients’ savings.

Roei Polnikviat


“Our Problem Solver”

Roei brings his expertise in managing professional services and sales business units. He guides the company’s vision


Sam Babad


You will be overwhelmed from the ideas and the extense of knowledge he has

Erez Dayagi


“The make it happen kind of guy”

Brings his knowledge in technology and managing large scale professional services groups

Guy Vinter

Sales & BizDev Manager

“He’ll find the best deal for you”

Brings his experience in sales leadership and leads our marketing strategy

Yahav Horev


“Quick and dirty”

He will manage any scripting you need

Itay Tal

Cloud architect

“The best architect you can find”

Mastering in architecture, and will deep dive to any solution needed

Igor Levin


“He might seems quiet, but his work will blow your mind”

Aviad Mayblat


“One of a kind”

Expert in AWS, AZure and GCP with vast knowledge on making it efficient to the clouds!

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We genuinely believe our service is critical and valuable for the success of your business by maximizing cloud service spendings and giving you back the control. 

With our no-commitment plan, you can let us know 30 days in advance, and we’ll cancel your contract, no explanation needed, no questions asked.

The ultimate cloud usage

Wasting large amounts on cloud services is a thing of the past with CloudTeam. You’ll see results right away, with no long-term commitment.

End-to-End Service

We’ll provide all of the services needed in order to reduce your spending. Let us do the dirty work for you while you focus on your product.

Immediate Savings

You’ll see results right away. We don’t believe in waiting around for months or years to see if our strategy is successful,  we promise you a change in the first 30 days of experience. 


We’ll hook you up with our cloud programs or use what you’ve already successfully implemented. We’re flexible to make your experience as easy and natural as possible.

Team of experts

We’re big believers in software, after all, we come from the software field. But we know that the secret to success is combining the best minds with our advanced tools. Therefore, we’ve integrated FinOps analyst and cloud architect in our service as a critical step to improving your spending. 

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